Other software used and developed directly by TRANSPLAN is:


The software is able to build the matrix origin/destination of the trips (passengers and/or goods) on a specific transport network, respecting the capacity or the bottlenecks of the network and using a pre-defined criteria to valuate the generating/attracting capacity of the o/d poles, taken into consideration.

- TRANScost

The mathematical algorithms developed in this software are able to build the cost of the goods and/or passengers transport for all possible transport modality (roads, railways, sea, air, etc), eventually combined in sequence and/or by different transport type (i.e. trailers, containers).

- TRANSmod

The software is able to assign the transport mode to the foreseen passengers or goods volumes, using pre-defined criteria/parameters for the final users choose. Regarding goods volumes, the software is able to compare O/D transport costs for any different solutions and possible modal combinations.

- TRANStre

Running simulations software for trains, undergrounds, omnibuses, etc..

- TRANSego (Economic Global Optimisation)

Software to optimize the sizing of a transport fleet by technical and economic criteria; this tool is interactive and flexible (easily adaptable to the type of transport chosen) and is able to output compared evaluations, necessary for the final choice of the more efficient transport system.


Output examples:


TRANSPLAN has access to the following other software:

- License AUTOCAD (graphic design)

- License ARCVIEW GIS (geographic information system)

- License PROPSPIN (economic-financial feasibility studies)