TRANSPLAN has gained deep, extensive and professional experiences in Italy and abroad for technical-economic feasibility studies and for planning-design of transport infrastructures and services.

Projects' map


 Transport Planning

1. Urban Traffic Master Plan and passenger mobility analysis of Valencia city – Venezuela

2. Feasibility Study for the Itaipù dam transposition for waterway navigation – Brazil

3. Integrated Development Plan for storage areas and railway transport in the State of Paranà – Brazil

4. Feasibility Study of a railway shuttle services Italy – France with the new railway tunnel of the Frejus alpine pass

5. Feasibility Study for the upgrading of the railway axis Munich-Verona with the new base tunnel of the Brenner alpine pass

6. Traffic Impact Study generated by a new residential settlements at Manoel Island - Malta

7. European Project “Chariot du Soleil”: assistance to the Municipality of Agadir - Morocco

8. Transportability and Logistics Study for oil plants - Tunisia

9. Preliminary Logistics Study to support off-shore oil field – Ghana

10. Transport Planning and Logistics Studies for on-shore oil field – Congo

11. Feasibility Study of a railway service for oil products transportation – Uganda

12.Transport Planning and Logistics Study to support an on-shore gas field – Russia

13. Transport Master Plan and Logistics Plan for the Karachaganak Processing Compex – Kazakhstan

14. Transport Planning and Logistics Studies for the Kashagan Project – Kazakhstan

15. Transportability Study for on-shore oil field - Iraq


 Transport Infrastructures Design

16. Preliminary design of the trolley lines for the cities of Curitiba and Fortaleza - Brazil

17.European Community CONSPACE Project – Preliminary electrification design of the Vipacco railway line – Slovenia

18. Basic and final design and supervision during the construction of a tar sand quarry and of the access roads - Congo

19. Permanent way design of a passenger and mineral railway line – Abu Dhabi


 Multimodal Terminals, Multimodal Goods Centers, Logistic Platforms and Logistic Systems (passengers and goods) to support oil drilling and/or refined products plants

20. Feasibility study and preliminary design of the Goods Multimodal Center of Foz do Iguaçu – Brazil